About Carley

An entrepreneur with a background in design and construction and a love for art and culture, Carley has created two distinct brands: New Utopia Design Build and Boho Trader.  

New Utopia Design Build focuses on interior design and sustainable and natural building, allowing the character of the space to reveal itself while utilizing the basic elements to create warmth and energy in the space. Materials incorporate global hand woven textiles, vintage and hand made sustainable furniture with timeless finishes in each projects. New Utopia's commercial properties incorporate principles of adaptive reuse while encouraging community and sustainability in each space. In every project, Carley focuses on the vibrational energy of the space while making it functional, timeless and stylish.  

Boho Trader features Carley's curated collection of global textiles and natural products and is an ode to her wanderlust while being sustainably sourced and fair trade. Boho Trader is currently working with native Mayan weavers and producers in Central America to create soulful and distinctive designs for the home as well as clothing and accessories.  

As an entrepreneur Carley consults for other brands and companies to build their businesses. Currently she is working in the sectors of Technology, Textiles, Food and Beverage, Travel, Design and Construction.   

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Photo by Eric Charles