With a background in Design and Construction along with a love for Art and Healing Carley is currently pursuing her creative path.  She is incorporating her love for creative entrepreneurship, social responsibility and her Gypsy Soul curating properties and micro businesses as social practice art projects.  Each of her projects focus on a conscious New Utopia or Nueva Utopia in Costa Rica, Los Angeles and around the globe.  Currently she is experimenting with utilizing free platforms to create sovereign business models to offer alternative livlihoods to today's large corporate employment dominated world.  Her work with commercial and residential properties incorporates principles of adaptive reuse while encouraging community and sustainability in each space.   Each of her concepts incorporate holistic design principles to solve everyday issues in society including alternatives to healthcare, education, commerce and agriculture.  





Costa Rica

Los Angeles, CA, United States


+506 8385-5469 Costa Rica

+502 4788-3794 Guatemala

+1 562 826 2983 United States

Photo by Eric Charles