Boho Trader

Boho Trader is a socially conscious brand of home goods, natural products, clothing and accessories founded in Costa Rica and based in Antigua, Guatemala. All products are all natural, fair trade and support community by utilizing design to spur collaboration between local fabricators and international markets expanding production and their networks. Boho Trader encourages trade-based economy by creating community among affiliated producers.

Boho Trader works with producers of natural home goods, artesian delicacies, plant medicines, art and non toxic alternatives for the home and body. Boho Trader utilizes commerce to spark the conversation about consciousness by outlining our obsessions with consumerism while offering conscious alternatives to our current options. Boho Trader is the experiment to create the handbook of what a modern day trader looks like. You can find Boho Trader wares on Etsy, at Trading Posts along her trader routes and wherever she resides.  You can follow Boho Trader on Instagram and Facebook.