Gypsy Trader

Gypsy Trader is a social practice art installation under the Nueva Utopia Post Apocalyptic Professions Project experimenting with alternative and sovereign business models.  Incorporating her love of design, thrill of the hunt and globe wandering ways she incorporates her intuitive design and project management skills to create, market and promote Events, Products, and Artists.  In addition to grass roots promotion she utilizes online platforms to buy, sell and trade natural home goods, artesian delicacies, plant medicines, organic fruits and vegetables, art and non toxic alternatives for the home and body.  She utilizes commerce to spark the conversation about consciousness by outlining our obsessions with consumerism while offering conscious alternatives to our current options.  She herself is the experiment to create the handbook of what a modern day trader looks like.  She sells her wares at Gypsy Trading Posts along her trader routes and wherever she resides.  You can find her on Instagram, and her Gypsy Dens in Costa Rica and Los Angeles on Airbnb.  

To inquire about any of the products, places, events or services featured on Instagram, Facebook or in Person please contact Carley on WhatsApp at +506-8385-5469 or email at  To pay for any Gypsy Wares from the @gypsytradertraveler or @allovethegypsydog Instagram feeds please visit the PayPal Link here: